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Monday, July 26, 2010

Boy Scout Troop 212 trip to Isle Royale, MI

Check out these great photos Eileen with Boy Scout Troop 212 sent of their latest adventure!  The troop went hiking/backpacking across Isle Royale in Michigan and of course they took Adventure Egg Anywhere Scrambles with them for some delicious breakfast burritos.  Here is a quick rundown of their trip:

-Drove up to Grand Portage MN and then took a charter boat over to Isle Royale
-Camped at Rock Harbor campground and started hiking the next morning
-Hiked 7.1 miles to Daisy Farm campground
-Hiked 7.9 miles to Chickenbone W campground
-Hiked 7.9 miles to Hatchet Lake campground
-Hiked 8.1 miles to Desor-South campground
-Hiked 11.3 miles to Washington Creek campground

Overall everyone in the troop had a great time on their adventure!
Thanks to Troop 212 for sharing their trip & photos with us!!

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